Our Curriculum development process is as follow.

  1. Curriculum development: Pinaak Education’s team of education experts and writers work closely with the government education department to develop curriculum frameworks that align with the new education policy in India.
  2. Research and Writing: Pinaak Education’s team of writers conduct research on the best practices and current trends in education to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and effective. They also gather input from teachers, education experts, and other stakeholders to ensure that the curriculum is inclusive and accessible.
  3. Review and feedback: Before publication, Pinaak Education’s team of editors carefully reviews the curriculum to ensure it meets the education department’s standards and expectations. They also seek feedback from teachers, education experts, and other stakeholders to ensure the curriculum is appropriate and engaging for its intended audience.
  4. Design and production: Pinaak Education’s team of designers work to create an attractive layout and design for the books that is easy to read and understand. They also ensure that the books are accessible for children with different needs.
  5. Marketing and distribution: Once the books are published, Pinaak Education works to promote them to schools and other educational institutions. The company also make sure that the books are available in a variety of formats, including digital and print, to reach as many students as possible.

It is worth noting that Pinaak Education’s methodology may be subject to change and adapt to the new developments of educational policies.